Fuji Robotics is a Premier Manufactuer of Palletizers and Palletizing Equipment in India.. We manufacture Box Palletizers, Crate Palletizers, Bottle Palletizers to give complete palletizing solutions.
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Robotic Palletizer Manufacturer India

Welcome to the home of the Number-One Robotic Palletizer manufacturer in the world. With over 10,000 Robotic Palletizers installed worldwide, FUJI ROBOTICS™ is unmatched in "Palletizing" technology.

FUJI ROBOTICS™ has been supplying, developing and improving palletizing technology for nearly 40 years. In 1982, Fuji recognized the changing market and met the demands of the palletizing industry by developing the first Robotic Palletizer. We have since perfected the mechanical and electrical aspects of our robot models to match the needs of virtually every industry.

Experience, sharp focus, and dedication to the palletizing industry has enabled FUJI ROBOTICS™ to provide the best possible solution to your palletizing needs.

We invite you to explore our web site and ask that you consider our unique and successful approach to automated palletizing.

Robotic Palletizing Demo Area


Put our robots to the test! We at Fuji Yusoki realize that integrating a robotic palletizing system into your production line is a big decision. We offer customers the choice of traveling to our plant for an in-house testing in our demo facility or we can test your product and send you a video. With multi-line capabilities, our demo system can handle any product. Just call us to request your product demonstration today.

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